Sunday, May 21, 2017

5.20.17 Part Two - my addiction

To continue off of Previous Post,

I. Love. Books.

This is kind of an understatement. I have an obsession. I love to read and having my own personal library has always been a dream of mine. Half Price Books has a sale 2-4 times year and part of their sale is "Fill a bag for $_________(insert amount)". This year their reusable tote bags were a little smaller so it was $20 per bag. You can cram and fill and use your best Tetris skills and stack until the bag is overflowing and it still "only counts as one". I grabbed two bags and proceeded to fill them with books and comic books. For a grand total of $44.02 I got 49 books and 24 comic books.

All laid out on my bed

This sale and the local library sales has helped to create my library.

From this sale I found some wonderful books to add to my collection

Odd Thomas has always been a favorite of mine. I cry every time.

A classic I have been searching for, for years

Explorations and history! With my love of the sea instilled in me from day one, I will undoubtedly love reading this book

A book behind the amazing band Metallica. I love music and reading about some of the legendary bands is fascinating

My love of Star Trek means I don't just love the show, I read the books too!
And these rather rare finds I was beyond stoked to find!

And last but not least a rare limited comic book
of Star Wars

The next "fill a bag for $___" sale is in August. I will for sure, be going again!

I really should have title this blog "the addictions of a bookworm" and maybe one day I will, but life is an adventure even if right now its just work work work.


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