Sunday, April 2, 2017

Work Life

It's funny how when you stress out everything becomes fuzzy.
Life is thrown into a cloud and all you can see is just ahead of you because you are no longer focusing on the big picture.

When I found out the company I work for is closing down the one store I was working at part time, I became stressed and frightful. What was I gonna do? I need two jobs right now. I wasn't interested in transferring to another store because of the distance.

I started applying to all the different establishments around town. "We need someone with open availability" was the constant reply after each interview. After the 6th interview I started to stress even worse.

Then I heard the news that one of the stores I originally hadn't wanted to transfer to had an opening. I knew the manager personally and had worked with him for 5 years at the current store that was closing. I shot him a text and within a few moments I heard back from him. I went in for an interview and was hired same day. He was more than willing to work with my schedule and hours and make sure I got the 22-25hours a week I so desperately needed.

This particular store is only a half hour away from my home(with no traffic).  It will take me an hour to get to the store from my FT job during the week because of traffic.  I believe God decided to deny me jobs close to home to get me used to driving more and to get out of my comfort zone. When I move to California I will need to learn brand new towns, new roadways, and I will be uncomfortable for awhile. No more comfort zone of knowing where everything is and knowing which highways and back roads to take.

For most I am sure this is an exciting thing...for me this is pure terror. My anxiety increases and I leave with more than ample time to arrive to somewhere I've never been before.

I am starting to relax more knowing I am stable with two jobs again. Yes, I will have a slightly longer route home but it's only 30 mins and no traffic usually that late at night. I've always worried about falling asleep driving but I do believe I'll be ok.

The summer is coming with lighter later days and this will help quite a bit.


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