Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Lover of Books

     Dear Readers,

You already know I'm obsessed with reading and I enjoy photography. 

Now, my photography skills are not fantastic, and most of these are done with my phone camera, but I wanted to share with you my bookwormness. To show off some of my beautiful editions and just some random photos of my simple life wrapped in the pages of books. 

(There will be some older photos in this post you may have seen before, because some things never change) 

I hope you enjoy 

(My brother and I after a successful outing at Half Price Books.) 










Sunday, May 21, 2017

5.20.17 Part Two - my addiction

To continue off of Previous Post,

I. Love. Books.

This is kind of an understatement. I have an obsession. I love to read and having my own personal library has always been a dream of mine. Half Price Books has a sale 2-4 times year and part of their sale is "Fill a bag for $_________(insert amount)". This year their reusable tote bags were a little smaller so it was $20 per bag. You can cram and fill and use your best Tetris skills and stack until the bag is overflowing and it still "only counts as one". I grabbed two bags and proceeded to fill them with books and comic books. For a grand total of $44.02 I got 49 books and 24 comic books.

All laid out on my bed

This sale and the local library sales has helped to create my library.

From this sale I found some wonderful books to add to my collection

Odd Thomas has always been a favorite of mine. I cry every time.

A classic I have been searching for, for years

Explorations and history! With my love of the sea instilled in me from day one, I will undoubtedly love reading this book

A book behind the amazing band Metallica. I love music and reading about some of the legendary bands is fascinating

My love of Star Trek means I don't just love the show, I read the books too!
And these rather rare finds I was beyond stoked to find!

And last but not least a rare limited comic book
of Star Wars

The next "fill a bag for $___" sale is in August. I will for sure, be going again!

I really should have title this blog "the addictions of a bookworm" and maybe one day I will, but life is an adventure even if right now its just work work work.


May, Twentieth, Two-Thousand and Seventeeen

Good Morning,

   Yesterday, 5.20.17, was quite the day. As most of you know, I work a roughly 65 hour week and am so exhausted that even the most exciting but laid back of things can wear me out. I managed to overdo it and threw my back out...again. So here I sit with ice on my back and the perfect time to write a couple of posts.

5.20.17 my sweet, amazing, strong, cheerful-even-in-pain, loving sister, Hannah, graduated HighSchool!! I couldn't be more proud of her. Though this is only one life event, and may not pose as "the" greatest thing in the world, it is to me. To watch each of my siblings learn and gain knowledge and graduate through the 12th grade with high grades and not drop out, IS a goal I am proud they accomplished. I didn't grab too many shots of the event but I am sure my Mum or even Hannah herself will post more about the event. I remember so clearly the day she was born. I had two brothers and I wanted a sister so badly. SHE brought out the girly side of me. She took up dancing and I wanted to dance too because I wanted to dance WITH her.  I became jealous of her so many times because she has such a gorgeous natural beauty and a flare for fashion I do not have. She didn't roar out in anger but spoke softly. She was and always will be our fairy princess.  I was the "tough girl" I took on the world but Always kept my eyes on my siblings. I fought with her, Loved her, and tried my best to protect her. When I left home....I left her. The pain she must have felt when her big sister left has always haunted me. I was shocked into an even bigger amount of hallow pain as I watched her simple, but elegant graduation and realized... I wasn't a huge part of their lives anymore, her life. I had my own life now. I always knew this would happen. We would each grow up, a little differently, move on (in my case and one of my brothers, to another state) and continue our lives. But the love I have for every. single. one of my three brothers and 4 sisters WILL never change. As the oldest it will always be my duty to be there for them, to support them, to encourage, to make them think, to hold them up, and even at times to scold in a loving way. Hannah has scolded me from time to time and at first my anger flares up, but I know I was in the wrong and apologize and love her even more deeply. Siblings have a bond no one else has. In our case we were all born and raised in a home with the same parents and homeschooled which means we saw each another 24/7. We weren't just siblings, but friends. I am so proud of her and want the best for her life. In one of my recent Instagram posts I used a hashtag #idtakeallthepainfromeachsiblingificould. This is truth. I would take it all if I could. One day when we die, God will take it all and she and all my siblings and everyone I love will no longer feel pain, sorrow, loneliness, will all be taken away.
I love you Hannah. I'm so proud of you.

Myself, Grammy Barbara, Hannah, Uncle Bill

Sisters <3 p="">

#Findjoy #Findpeace

I'll continue the rest of this day on another post. This one, is for my girl, my sister.