Sunday, August 13, 2017

Twin Peaks aka Snoqualmie Falls

Morgan is obsessed with the tv show Twin Peaks. He, in turn, got me hooked on the show. The show was filmed mostly in Washington so we made an adventure of going to 80% of the filmed locations. Talk about fun! 

Morgan in front of the lodge 

The falls

The lodge doors

A beautiful chandelier in the building 

Dirt Fish Rally 
Their office was Sherif's Station 

The truck they use on set. 
And yes, I'm always on my toes trying to read things ;)


The secretary was super nice and invited us back behind the counter to get our picture where the magic comes to life.

Ronette's Bridge and the sourrounding scenery 

Tweed's Cafe or Double R Diner 
The food was incredible! 

And finally, Laura Palmer's house which is located in Everett, Wa.

We had a blast and to see Mo so excited and happy to visit all these places made the day even better!

I'll end this post with a question.
What film sight/set would you like to visit? 

























The Melody of Time

.....It's....... August.....

August. ALREADY!

It amazes me how fast the time can speed by and yet how slow it can seem at moments.
One day speeds by but the current moment of time goes as slow as a snail.

I have ten weeks left in Washington before I make the biggest move of my life. I have moved twenty six times (yes, you read that right) and this will be my twenty seventh and to another state.

I was born in California and I can tell you that it has called my name and pulled on my soul ever since I can remember. Home. Come back home. The smell of the salt air from the ocean, the warmth from the sun and the marine life sounds of seagulls and buoys.

This time last year I had just come back from visiting Santa Cruz, CA. I've always known I would move back, my dreams told me I would. Now....12 months later I am packing and getting ready to go back home.

I hadn't seen my fiancé, Morgan, since December! He flew down to see me in July. Once we were back together those seven, oh so long months, disappeared. Time. Disappeared. Now...only 10 more weeks to go.

This is a bitter sweet time of working two jobs, trying to spend time with my family and friends before I leave. Bitter because my family is here, sweet because my fiancé and home is there.

Time doesn't stop, but rushes forward in the melody of ticking hands. I blink and the day is over. I sleep and the week is over. I open my books and the month is gone.

I mentioned above that Morgan came and visited me for a weekend back in July so I will make a new post and share our adventure with all of you!


Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Lover of Books

     Dear Readers,

You already know I'm obsessed with reading and I enjoy photography. 

Now, my photography skills are not fantastic, and most of these are done with my phone camera, but I wanted to share with you my bookwormness. To show off some of my beautiful editions and just some random photos of my simple life wrapped in the pages of books. 

(There will be some older photos in this post you may have seen before, because some things never change) 

I hope you enjoy 

(My brother and I after a successful outing at Half Price Books.)