Tuesday, October 31, 2017


What could possibly be the best thing to do on your favorite holiday? Well, for us...we got married. 

We grabbed a friend and headed to the local court office and eloped at 12:30pm on 10.31.17. 

Talk about fun future anniversary parties! 

We both cried and enjoyed the fact that we got the simple wedding we wanted. Because it was Halloween, everyone was dressed up in unique fun costumes and it made our special event even better.

I am beyond happy I’ve been given such a gift as my husband. Truly I am thankful.

Sadly, our rings won’t arrive till early December. But they are worth the wait. Officially, on paper, in public records, and in the eyes of the courts and God we are married. 

Happy Halloween everyone! 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Moving Part 2 

I am home. The fact that I am officially back in California has me all wound up in a mess of chaotic thoughts and emotions. 

1. I miss my family.

2. I’m home with my fiancĂ© and we have lots of projects to do to finish building our home the way we want it. 

3. I’ll be living in boxes for awhile and years ago that would have upset me and the clutter of boxes and things everywhere would have me a fowl mood....I’ve changed. This is life, have to stay packed to finish the build, then unpack to set up one section to repack the boxes with new stuff to fix/build the next section. The fact that I’m having a home built the way I’ve always wanted home built has me beyond happy. 

Hopefully this time next year we will have a completely finished home. 

Mt Shasta look out 

My backyard 

What’ve woken to the past few mornings 

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Moving Day Part 1 

Its 3am. Im tired but can’t get comfortable to sleep and when I do end up falling asleep I’m woken by some random body part falling asleep and I have to stretch and rub till the pins and needles go away. *sigh* 

Morgan and I traveled as far as we could before we got too tired and now we are holed up at a rest stop ....sleeping....? Maybe he is having better luck than I am in the moving van. 

It hasn’t stopped raining since we left yesterday at noon. 

At this point I am ready for a boiling hot shower and a bed.